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March 5, 2015 by Bob Hannum

Often the Simplest Recipes for Juicing & Smoothies Are the Most Delicious!


Here are the Most Popular Juicing & Smoothie Recipes

Increasingly today, more and more people are turning to recipes for juicing and smoothies to boost their energy and overcome such prevalent health problems as heart disease, diabetes and asthma. My wife and I juice nearly every day with special recipes to help keep her breast cancer in remission. It's easy to juice at home and even easier to create your own tasty juice and smoothie recipes.

Simple Recipes for Juicing & Smoothies

Everyone loves a fresh juice or smoothie. I love both! The simplest recipes are often the best tasting such as a glass of your favorite fruit or vegetable juice all by itself. Carrots, beets, grapes, watermellon and oranges are the most common fruits and veggies that by themselves taste great. If you feel adventurous add some fresh sprouts or greens - just a bit will greatly increase the nutrients in your juice or smoothie without altering the taste.

Complex Juicing & Smoothie Recipes

Recipes for juicing and smoothies that tackle particular illnesses require some online research, but with just a little study or a good juice recipe book such as my favorite in the box at the right, you can make a juice or smoothie that targets your health issue and at the same time tastes wonderful!

Recipes for JuicingThe first step is to understand your health condition. Simply go online or speak with a health care professional to find out exactly what vitamins, minerals and other nutrients are directly related to your health problem. A surprising number of health issues are strongly linked to the deficiency of certain vitamins or minerals in your diet.

For example, studies show that those who have a higher intake of folic acid have less allergy symptoms and a lower incidence of asthma. By understanding exactly what vitamins, minerals and other nutrients are directly related to your particular health problem, you can take the next step of simply finding out which vegetables and fruits are rich in these nutrients. Once again you can turn to the internet or a health care professional, particularly a nutritionist, for advice. The best collection of disease-fighting recipes for juicing and smoothies is Juicing & Smoothie Recipes That Heal! available here in the box on the right and for Kindle, Nook and iPad users at Amazon, Barnes & Noble and iBooks. All the recipes are based on the latest nutritional research.

Select The Right CombinationsRecipes for Juicing & Smoothies

Selecting the right ingredients for your recipe is key. Particular fruits and vegetables are known for their specific vitamins, minerals and other nutrients. As an example, bananas are known for their high content of potassium and oranges contain a significant amount of vitamin C. By understanding the unique nutrient content of particular fruits and vegetables, you can select and begin to experiment with those that most strongly address your problem.

Most importantly, buy organically grown produce. Recent research has found that organic produce contains more of the nurients that fight disease. And organic contains less chemical residue from pesticides. Even if you rinse or even wash your produce, remember that rinsing and washing remove bacteria but not the chemicals. The greater the quality of the ingredients which you purchase, the more healthy your recipes for juicing and smoothies. Locally-grown organic fruits and vegetables are often the highest quality. Better yet are the fruits and veggies that you grow in your own back yard!

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