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March 15, 2015 by Bob Hannum

Pineapple Has Compounds That Enhance the Female Sexual Experience!

Historical Highlights

While the exact origins of pineapple are unknown, it’s believed that their earliest cultivation was in ancient Mexico among the Aztecs and Mayans. The pineapple spread from Central and South America to the Caribbean. Spanish explorers carried the fruit back to Europe, where it was among the most prized. These same seafarers brought the plant to Hawaii and the Philippines. Sailors from the New World returned to New England with the fruit, where they were considered a highly valued extravagance. 

Traditionally the pineapple has had a myriad of uses, from a digestive aid and an Pineapple Juiceanti-inflammatory to relief from pain, gout and sore throat.

It is widely believed that Christopher Columbus first introduced the fruit to Europe, and referenced the pineapple’s resemblance to the ‘pina’ or pine. The British later called it by its present name because of its similarity in appearance to the pine cone. New England sailors who safely arrived home from sea placed a pineapple at the front door to commemorate the event and receive visitors. To this day, modern doorknockers displaying the fruit symbolize “Welcome Guests!”

Amazing Benefits

Rich in fiber, pineapple juice eliminates constipation. It also stops morning sickness, motion sickness and nausea. With virtually no fat or cholesterol and loaded with essential nutrients and vitamins, pineapple relieves bronchitis, diphtheria and chest congestion.

Pineapple smoothiePacked with vitamin C which promotes healthy teeth and gums, and an enzyme known as Bromelain which is known to loosen and dissolve mucus, pineapple is also used to eliminate intestinal worms and keep the intestines and kidneys clean.

It is effective in flushing toxins from the body, and is rich in manganese which is critical for healthy bones and tissue, and central for the production of vetrogen, a key hormone for female sexual response.

Delicious Pineapple Juice & Smoothie Recipes


Ishmael's Treasure!
3 cups cubed Pineapple with skin removed - unless your juicer can remove the skin - most juicers cannot handle such course skin.
1 Mango - remove seed
1 Guava - remove seed
1/2 thumb Ginger

Pineapple Cherry
3 cups cubed Pineapple as above
10 Cherries - without pits
1 leaf Kale

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