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March 5, 2013 by Bob Hannum

Onions Are a Powerhouse of Nutrients and Disease-Fighting Compounds!

Historically Speaking

A close relative of garlic, onions have been grown and consumed the world over for millennia, from Asia and the Middle East to Europe and the Mediterranean. Also used in North America by Native Americans, the first colonists discovered wild onions growing nearly everywhere.

Legend has it that the onion was the major source of nutrition for both Plato and his onion juicestudent Socrates.

Four US states recognize the onion as their official state vegetable - Georgia (the Vidalia), Utah (the Spanish Sweet), Washington (the Walla Walla), and Texas (the Texas Sweet).

Nutritional Highlights

Onions juice lowers blood pressure, inflammation and cholesterol. It is a scientifically proven aphrodisiac. Recent studies discovered anti-cancer compounds. And a new study shows an increase in testosterone levels in rats by over 300%.

Amazing Benefits

Onions are exceptionally low in calories, and contain no cholesterol, sodium or saturated fat. They’re rich in vitamins A, B-9 and C, minerals, phytonutrients and fiber.

Onion juice diminishes constipation, fends off the flu, fever, colds and infection, and boosts circulation. Recent research shows compounds in onions fight osteoporosis.

onion juice & smoothie recipesThe vitamins in onions are powerful antioxidants important for healthy vision. They help diminish appetite and thus are a great boon to weight loss efforts. These vitamins also inhibit viruses, lower bad cholesterol, protect against stroke and diminish the risk of cancer.

The minerals in onion juice includes calcium, phosphorus, magnesium, molybdenum, iron, manganese and chromium - essential for maintaining strong bones, teeth, muscles, heart, kidneys and nerves. These minerals also sustain healthy blood pressure, fend off aging and control sugar levels.

Recent studies show that onions are rich in allicin which has anti-cancer properties and is important for diabetics because it reduces blood sugar levels. Other phytonutrients in onions have been shown to reduce cholesterol, lower blood pressure, decrease depression and anxiety and protect the eyes and skin.

Though raw onion is a difficult taste for most, I include just a thin slice in nearly all my juice and smoothie recipe because of the onion's tremendous disease-fighting power!

Delicious Juice & Smoothie Recipes With Onion!

Carrot Apple Onion
2 Carrots - skin and all!
2 Apples - skin, seeds, core and all!
1 Sweet Potato - with the skin!
Thin slice of a small Onion (1/8')
1/2 thumb of Ginger

Beet Onion Green Dream - Thank You Cassendre Xavier!
2 Beets
2 Carrots
3 Collard Greens
3 Red Cabbage leaves
Thin slice of a small Red Onion

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