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March 3, 2015 by Bob Hannum

There Are Alternative Treatments For Cancer That Have Been Supressed By the AMA and FDA!


A New Way To Treat Cancer

There have been important changes in the treatment and prevention of cancer in recent years. Every day the better medical centers across the country are taking a new look at how diet plays a critical role in cancer treatment.

In these better facilities, patients immediately begin a diet of fresh vegetables, fruits Juicing for Cancerand other raw natural foods alongside traditional cancer treatments. This is combined with meditation, yoga and Pilates. The result is a stronger immune system and a heightened sense of hope and emotional well-being which significantly boosts the healing process.

New Look At the Past

Science is also beginning to take a serious look at several innovative nutritionists and physicians who have not only suggested new methods for the prevention and treatment of cancer, but used these treatments successfully on themselves and their patients. As early as the 1920’s, one such individual, Johanna Brandt, published a book describing how she cured herself of cancer by drinking juiced grapes. And sure enough, in recent years research has found that grapes, especially the concord variety, contain particularly effective cancer-killing properties when the fruit is ingested skin, seeds and all.

Another early researcher Dr. Max Gerson, is famous for developing a successful cancer treatment based upon juiced vegetables, particularly carrots. Since he first introduced his juice therapy in the 1920’s with his book Cancer Therapy: Results of Fifty Cases and the Cure of Advanced Cancer, thousands of people have reported dramatic improvement by following his juice protocol freely available on the internet.


Unfortunately most cancer treatment hospitals and oncologists believe that any cancer treatment other than medically approved ones should be avoided. If a new method shows promise, even success, the medical community maintains that these should be disregarded until proven effective. Sadly, behind these warnings is also a ‘vested interest’ particularly among hospitals: they depend upon the money they receive for dispensing proven treatments and receive nothing for trying anything that’s unproven.

Juice recipe for cancerThe most telling story is that of Harry Hoxsey who's father discovered a mix of herbs that cured cancer in horses. He subsequently offered it to cancer sufferers with dramatic results. His son opened clinics to provide the treatent to all anyone who asked for it regardless of financial means. At one point his clinics were the most popular cancer centers in America! For years he welcomed the FDA and AMA to test the treatment, but sadly instead they waged a costant campaign to discredit him, and finally succeeded in banning the treatment. This is all well documented in a film that is one of the most shocking example of greed and ego suppressing a promising treatment. To this day no clinical trials have ever been done. On a positive note this treatment is still available in Mexico.

New Research  

Epidemiological studies among large groups of people, especially in Russia, China, the Mediterranean and Africa whose diets are based primarily, if not entirely, on fruits, vegetables and other natural foods point to a new and exciting way to treat illness. These studies show a significantly lower occurrence of diseases. Most interesting of all, there are no signs of certain cancers such as prostrate and colon cancer, as well as other health problems that are so prevalent in our North American population.  
Several recent studies have concluded that a diet rich in fresh, raw veggies, fruits, cancer fighting juice recipenuts, root herbs and spices have preventative and possibly even curative powers. In particular, studies (including those done by the CDC and the National Cancer Institute) regarding phytonutrients have created quite a stir within the cancer treatment community. Phytonutrients are rich in compounds that not only remove cancer-causing toxins from the body, but may in fact prevent and even treat certain cancers.

Foods That Fight Cancer

There are quite a number of vegetables, fruits, herbs and even spices that contain cancer fighting nutrients. The vegetables receiving the most attention include leafy greens such as turnip, mustard, kale and collards. Other veggies under intense study are carrots, jalapeno, onions, cabbage, broccoli, Brussels sprouts, red beets, cauliflower, leeks, bok choy, rutabaga, kohlrabi and chives. Certain fruits also show exciting promise such as citrus, cantaloupe, apples, pears, apricots and in particular, concord grapes. Exciting too are on-going studies on garlic, turmeric, black pepper and ginger. Other studies, notably one conducted by the Independent Cancer Research Foundation have discovered that special nutrients found particularly in natural uncooked, juiced fruits, vegetables, herbs and spices do in fact contain significant cancer fighting properties.

Research at Oregon State University is focused on broccoli as a strong cancer fighter! One study found that a compound in broccoli and other cruciferous veggies known as "sulforaphane" fights cancer in two ways. It boosts both DNA methylation and HDAC inhibition, which work together to keep your cells safe from cancer, particularly cancers of the prostate and colon.

Another study found the cancer-fighting properties in turmeric are enhanced when combined with black pepper.

Juice and smothie recipe for cancerMy Wife's Favorite Cancer Juice Recipe

Recently my wife was diagnosed with breast cancer. Luckily it was discovered early in her yearly mamogram. And luckily her surgery and radiation treatments were successful and her prognosis is bright. In addition to the hormone medication she is now taking, we also juice every day using the top cancer fighters according to the latest nutritional discoveries. Our favorite cancer-fighting juice recipe is this (makes enough for 2):

5 Carrots
1 Green Apple
2 stalks Celery
1/2 Beet
1" home grown Wheatgrass
slice of Jalapeno
1 thumb of fresh Ginger
liberal dash of Turmeric
2 dashes of fresh ground Black Pepper

So if you haven’t started juicing start today not only for the taste but to help prevent cancer and other diseases.


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