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March 15, 2015 by Bob Hannum

Research Shows That Ginger Juice Reduces Nausea and Headache Better Than Medication!

Historical Highlights

Ginger predates the historical record with its origins in China. From there it spread throughout the Middle East and westward along trade routes by both land and sea, and was considered literally worth its weight In gold. Ginger belongs to the same family as turmeric and cardamom. Not only did it provide flavor to drinks and foods, it also has a long and unparalleled history as a medicinal herb.

Chinese herbalists prescribed it for gastrointestinal issues ranging from nausea to Ginger Juicevomiting, gas, motion sickness and other forms of abdominal distress, and even as an aphrodisiac. Ginger was believed to relieve pain, promote healing and improve the circulatory system.

Throughout the world, ginger has long been used as a remedy for a myriad of illnesses, including colds, headaches, injuries to muscles, joint pain, arthritis and inflammation, just to mention a few. It has long been known to relieve sore throats and lift the spirit. Interestingly, this humble root has survived to modern times with much the same properties and uses!

Latest Research Update

A study by the Springfield, Missouri Headache Care Center found that a mix of ginger juice and the herb feverfew lessened migraine pain in 63% of sufferers compared to 50% using ibuprofen.

Ginger juice has long been used to treat nausea. Now it’s been found to also reduce appetite and boost memory.

Ginger and Beet JuiceOther Amazing Benefits

Ginger contains no cholesterol and has almost no calories.

I recently took a sailing trip and my doctor prescribed ginger in capsule form to prevent sea sickness and it really worked!

Ginger also prevents inflammation, sooths the linings of the stomach and intestines and relieves gas. Fresh ginger contains anti-bacterials that boost the immune system. Ginger diminishes the symptoms of migraine headaches.

Ginger juice is rich in B-5, B-6, potassium, copper, magnesium and manganese. Potassium supports a healthy heart and lowers blood pressure. Gingerol, an essential oil in fresh ginger has been proven to relieve the pain associated with rheumatoid arthritis. Zingerone is known for its relief of pain, as well as fighting e-coli related diarrhea, particularly in children. Eaten regularly fresh ginger may also diminish the growth of cells which cause colorectal cancer.

Ginger Juice & Smoothie Recipes

Ginger Lemon Juice
1 Lemon - rind, seeds and all!
3 cups Pineapple - remove the skin - too fibrous for juice machines or smoothies
1/2 Cucumber - unpeeled - the peel is rich in nutrients
2 thumbs fresh Ginger
- no need to peel it!

Ginger Apple Juice
4 Apples - skin, seeds core and all!
1/2 Lemon - with rind - it's packed with nutrents!
I love to add wheatgrass or sprouts or greens to all my recipes for a liitle extra nutritional punch! So add about a handful of your favorite.
2 thumbs Ginger



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