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March 15, 2015 by Bob Hannum

Carrot Juice Has Known Anti-Cancer And Perhaps Even Anti-Aging Properties

Brief Historical Highlights

Archeologists have discovered carrot seeds dating to the Mesolithic period - as old as 20,000 years ago! From early Greek and Roman to Medieval and Byzantine times, carrots have been used for their curative powers, utilized as a remedy for certain cancers, stomach and bladder issues, painful menstruation, and as an aphrodisiac. The modern carrot has it's origins in  Afghanistan. From there they spread throughout the Middle East to southern and northern Europe as well as Asia and the British Isles. Modern cultivars finally made their way to the Americas via the English as early as the Jamestown settlement of 1609.

Amazing Benefitscarrot juice

Though sweet, carrot juice contains a negligible amount of sugars and fats, and no cholesterol. Its especially rich in vitamins and body-soluble fiber. Beta-caretenes convert in the liver to vitamin A and compounds protecting the body from skin, lung, and oral cancers. Carrots are rich in vitamin C and antioxidants that help destroy precancerous cells, and promote healthy skin, teeth, and gums. Carrots also also being hotly studied for their anti-aging possibilities.

Carrot juice provides the B-complex vitamins folic acid, vitamin B-6, thiamin, and pantothenic acid. Potassium fights sodium, assisting in lowering heart rate and blood pressure. The presence of manganese is also a ‘superoxide’ anti-oxidant enzyme which further fights the aging process.

Carrot Juicing & Smoothie Recipes

carrot juice recipesCarrot Ginger
6 Carrots - with peel - the peel is so nutrient rich but a bit bitter!
4 leaves Lettuce - all greens are "superfoods"!
1 thumb Ginger

Carrot Apple
6 Carrots - with peel
1 Beet - with skin
1 Apple - seed, core, skin and all
Handful of fresh Parsley

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